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Today You Are Eight

2018 December 20

Today, you are eight. 

Today you are longer and leaner than ever. A true big boy, from head to toe. A baby only when you need to be one. And sometimes when I still need one, too. 

Today you are sports. Any sport and every sport. You shine at baseball and basketball. You give your all in soccer. You pass on golf. And much to your dad’s chagrin, you haven’t hopped on a surfboard yet. 

Today you are bright, chocolate brown eyes and a big, toothless smile. You bring a warmth and light to every room you walk into. You exude charisma, confidence and a kindness that will change the world. 

Today you are Adidas and basketball shorts and a cap permanently glued to your head, covering up your gorgeous, thick hair. 

Today your favorite subject in school is recess. You come home with stories about the games you played and the friends you ran around with and the points you scored. A social butterfly that never wants to land. 

Today you are brilliantly smart. Reading like a sixth grader. Sprinting through your math homework. Writing and creating slideshows and using your imagination in all the best ways. 

Today you are 6:30am wake ups and 8:30pm bed times. You have a LOT of energy. They tell you boys have more energy to burn. They aren’t lying. 

Today you are (still) pasta and grilled cheese and the odd fish stick. You are happy to eat any kind of fruit and just discovered Gatorade (god help us). You have a sweet tooth but, as with almost everything you do, it’s in moderation.

Today you are hyper focused. You taught yourself how to play baseball by tirelessly tossing a ball in the air over and over and over until it landed in your glove every time. 

Today you still sleep with your sweet monkey.

Today you are forging your own path, out of your sister’s shadow. She is still one of your favorite playmates, but you have a very different approach to life and fun and play than her and it shows. 

Today you are sensitive and empathetic. With everyone and everything. 

Today you are 60 something pounds. Almost 4′ 6″ tall. 

Today you are a leader. In all the best ways. 

Today you are baseball shaped balloons and waffles with whipped cream and sprinkles for breakfast. 

Today you are learning about the world and your place in it. You are interested in travel, languages, other cultures, new faces. I hope you keep that curiosity in you forever. 

Today, you are eight. They say it’s great because it rhymes but the truth is, it’s great because it’s you. Growing into the young man you are meant to be. Bringing so much joy to those that know you and love you. Giving your all to everything that matters to you in this world. I could be sad because you are my last baby and you’re growing up so fast. But I am not because I see the future in you and I cannot even begin to fathom how bright it will be. It’s almost too much for me to wrap my heart around. But I know I will do it, with you leading the way. And that’s why it’s great. Because it’s you. 

Happy birthday, Kai. 

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