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Making My Monday

2018 February 19

Hello, Monday. Here are five things making you a little easier to swallow this week:

Today’s (semi) holiday. First, I say semi because it seems that most people are actually working today but my kids are not at school and the mailman has the day off and, well, that’s enough for me to take it a little easy on the work front. Second, I say semi because…the image above. Ha. Happy President’s Day to you, however you are spending your day, on or off.

March For Our Lives. It has come to this and I am sure glad it has. Kids protecting themselves because our country won’t do it for them. These students in Parkland, Florida are fighting back and it is the most inspiring thing I have seen in this country in months. Follow them on social here and donate to their fund here. And then support the teens in your community on March 24th.

Middle school information night. I am oddly excited about my daughter going into middle school next year. Check in with me then to see if the feeling sticks. She is excited, too. We have our first parents info night this week and since I know next to nothing about what to expect, I am going in with eyes wide open. On the one hand, I cannot believe that my first born is almost a teenager. On the other, I love this phase just as much as the others…so far.

A hair appointment. It has been months since I have seen my hair stylist and you can tell. I thought I wanted to grow it out again and shun the lob look since everyone and their mother (ie me…I am the mother now) have it but the truth is, there’s a reason why. I am loving Kristin Ess’s work (and her products, more to come on that front) and I am thinking this is the way to stay for now.

And, of course, what would this post be without food? I always look forward to food. Our backyard lemon tree has been in overdrive and the fruits of its labor are amazing. I found this seemingly easy recipe for one skillet lemon butter chicken from Halfbaked Harvest and it’s safe to say, it will be on this week’s dinner menu. If it’s good, will share. If you live in north county San Diego, come over for lemons.

Have a good week, friends. Feel inspired today. Change is coming. And it’s going to be good. Be a part of it. x

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  1. Kendra permalink
    February 22, 2018

    Would love to see your haircut when it’s done and how you style your lob
    Thinking of making the cut

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