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Making My Monday

2018 February 12

Making My Monday is a regular feature I used to share each week, with the intention of starting out the work week on a positive foot. I would think about the things I was looking forward to in the days ahead so that there was anticipation and excitement in my Monday morning instead of dread and fatigue. I am bringing it back. So here are a few things making my day today – would love to hear what you have shining bright on your horizon for the week:

Galentine’s dinner. I am having a little Galentine’s dinner with two friends tonight. I have a lot of thoughts on female friendships in your 30s and 40s which I want to write about soon, but in the meantime, suffice it to say I am very grateful for the girls I have in my life that I can depend on for support, wisdom and a good laugh and I am excited to spend the evening with two of them.

Rain. I know, nothing is more annoying than a Southern Californian talking about the weather in February and trust me, I am beyond grateful for the sunny and 73 streak we have been on…all season long. But we have some much-needed rain in the forecast this week and I just love the way it refreshes us – physically and emotionally.

Finishing up this book. I finally started it after letting it gather dust on my nightstand for six months and I really like it. Yes, her writing style is super casual and at times a little sophomoric, but the message is focused and strong and I like that it’s straight-forward compared to a lot of other self-help books I have tried. It has upped my badass factor considerably already and I am only a few chapters in.

Valentine’s day. I love it. Not the overpriced prix fixe dinner menus or the red roses (I prefer white) or the cheesy cards. I love handmade cards and school crafts and a small dinner with my husband and our kids and my favorite chocolates and maybe a glass or two of wine. I think we are going to do fondue at home this year. It’s one of our favorites and it’s so easy. Just to celebrate the love we are so lucky to share. Because we probably don’t do it enough.

Long weekend. The best end to a busy week is a long weekend on the horizon. It’s the easiest way to make this Monday a little brighter — knowing next week’s will be extra sweet.

Have a great start to your week. x

*image above from our Sunday trip to Shop Pigment, one of my favorites in San Diego. Read all about how we make the most of our weekends here. We did it right yesterday. 


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  1. Jane Kennedy permalink
    February 12, 2018

    What a great way to start Monday! Thanks

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