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How We Combat Flu Season…All Year Long

2018 February 1

I don’t know about where you live, but around these parts, the flu season has been NASTY this year. It feels like everyone we know has been battling some sort of super bug ever since December. And while we weren’t completely immune to it, I do think my kids managed to stay fairly healthy throughout the season, with the exception of a 24-hour fever that turned into nothing. They stayed healthy through back-to-school season as well and have avoided more than one major stomach bug in our community in the past year. I can basically feel myself jinxing their strong immune systems as I type this but thought I would share some of the preventative, proactive things we do all year long to keep them as healthy as we can, especially during busy bug seasons like this one. I don’t think our routine is ironclad. Fevers do sneak in. Stomach bugs do happen once in a while. But I believe that the things we do daily for our health offer a level of protection and immunity that we all benefit from and help my kids to bounce back quicker than many. Here’s what we do:

A daily probiotic. I read an article years ago that compared illnesses in preschoolers who took a daily probiotic and those who didn’t and the results were astonishing. Those who took one had considerably fewer fevers, stomach bugs, colds, etc. during the school year. From that day on, I was sold. My kids each pop one every morning, all year long, to help with gut – and in turn, overall -health. These are the ones they like the best. They can be tricky to find so I stock up when I do.

A kids multi-vitamin. We supplement our morning probiotic with a multi-vitamin (with fiber because again…healthy gut leads to healthy everything). There are lots of studies about how kids don’t need a multi-vitamin if their diet is balanced but if you show me a seven year old boy or a ten year old girl with a truly balanced diet, I will be shocked. Mine chew theirs up easily and it supplements what they may be lacking from their mac and cheese diet and keeps them strong. We use these.

A kids immunity vitamin. If it has “immunity” in the name, I am sold. My kids take an immunity vitamin every day simply because a) it’s easy and b) it’s extra protection. The ones we like have elderberry and zinc and are in gummy form so they are easy to take and digest.

Oils. Oils are certainly a buzz-worthy – and big – topic among modern-day moms but I stick to just a few basics for our every day routine that I really like. I diffuse a Thieves-esque blend daily during busy sick seasons (ie. now) on our kitchen island which is the central hub after school and into the evening. This is the best (and coolest looking) diffuser I have bought in a while and this is the oil we use for immunity. And then my kids apply a “Healthy Hero” blend to the soles of their feet every night before bed. We love this one, in particular, because it’s already diluted and safe for kids and comes in a roller that my kids can apply themselves.

Finally, washing up. My kids know that the minute they come in from school, they have to wash hands. Properly. It still takes daily reminders and sometimes I send them back to do it twice if they get lazy about it, but it’s a must. I also put a mini hand sanitizer bottle in their lunch bags which, admittedly, does not get used every day. But it’s there for part-time use and that’s good enough for me. I also wash their water bottles nightly with hot water and soap and wipe out their lunch bags to ensure that any leftover cafeteria crumbs – and germs – are gone. Sound like a lot? It may be. But so is two weeks in bed with the flu, my friends. Trust me.

Wishing you and yours a healthy, happy February! x

*goes without saying that I am no doctor so take all these tips and advice to heart knowing that they are just coming from a fellow busy mom who is doing her best 🙂

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