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The Sunday You

2018 January 21

A while back I shared a post about our “Sunday Home.” The basic premise is that come Sunday evening every week, we like our home to feel a certain way to prep us mentally and physically for the week ahead. We believe that when your physical space is in (semi) order, then your mind and emotions can be as well and we find that a few regular rituals every weekend help us get to that place. But there’s more to the practice than your environment so today I thought I would share some tips for “The Sunday You” and how you can spend a little time each weekend giving back to yourself – emotionally and spiritually – to start the week on the right foot. Disclaimer: we are not church-goers so you won’t see that on this list but if you are, then obviously it’s an important component of your Sunday you. But it doesn’t mean it has to be the only element…

Exercise. My usual gym is closed on Sundays so it’s up to me to find a way to get active on Sundays. Ideally, it’s something that involves my family like a group bike ride or hike but it can be as simple as walking the dog or a yoga video or just a really good stretch. I like my Sunday mornings extra lazy but when I consciously find some time to be active at some point during the day, it nurtures my body and puts me in the mindset to start the week on a healthy note.

Self-care. I like to treat myself to self-care rituals any day of the week but the Sunday ones always feel a little more sacred. It can mean a face mask, a bubble bath, a pedicure, a reflexology appointment. Whatever it is, it should be completely indulgent and meant to do nothing but make you feel good. Take your time with it, find a quiet moment to steal away and enjoy it…guilt-free.

Conversation. There’s a reason why Sunday Suppers are a thing. Before you dive into a week of being chained to your desk, your social media channels and your co-workers, take some time to make real connections with the people in your life. It can mean big family dinners, takeout with friends, happy hour with some neighbors, or maybe just a long phone call with an old friend. Whatever it is, look for real human connections that fill you up and leave you feeling connected and grounded for the week ahead.

Work. Yes, I think a little work on a Sunday can be a good thing for you. I like to take just a quick 15-20 minutes to look at my schedule and to-do list for the week ahead, maybe draft a few emails (but don’t hit send until Monday!), pay some bills or organize some things for my kids’ schedules. Getting ahead of the week’s game even just a little bit puts me in a more mellow mindset come Sunday night and going into Monday morning and leaves me feeling prepped.

Daydream. This one is my favorite and probably the most important, in my opinion. Sundays are for day-dreaming and I give myself lots of time for it. I often spend the morning trolling real estate listings for the mountain home I hope to buy in Vermont some day. I pin images for gorgeous warehouse conversions like the one above and my husband and I talk about how we would build our own if we could. I read about restaurants in Paris and beaches in Greece and add them to my mental guidebook. I daydream about anything and everything that leaves me feeling inspired. Some of it online, some of it off. But all of it dancing around my mind just for fun.

After all, isn’t that what Sunday is really for? Just a little fun.

Hope yours is lovely. x

*image above via Emerick Architects

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