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How to Make the Most of Your Weekend

2017 November 3

Mondays are rough around these parts. Every week, my son wakes up lamenting how the weekend went too fast and how he didn’t do half the things he wanted to do during his mini break. This is often accompanied by tired tears and stomping feet. So we started to talk about ways that he could make the most of his coveted time off from his grueling days as a first grader and I realized in the process that I needed the refresher as well. Weekends are designed for rest, relaxation and fun. And it’s up to you to plan them that way. So here are a few tips to keep in mind as you head into yours to ensure it’s the best it can be:

Do chores on Friday. If you’re anything like me, most of your Friday nights are spent with a glass (or two) of wine and your good friends Netflix and Instagram. Take that time to throw in a few loads of laundry or to menu plan or to do one of the chores on your weekend to-do list so you can open up some free space on your Saturday and Sunday calendar. Trader Joe’s and Costco can be delightfully deserted on Friday evenings and make your grocery run far more enjoyable and more importantly, done.

Free time. And then actually allow for free time. We are adamant about not over scheduling our weekends so that we – and our kids – can get in some true R&R. That means skipping out on dinner party invites once in a while, not planning elaborate day trips each and every weekend and not over-committing to sports or extracurricular activities all year long. We need some time to read, sip coffee, hang on the beach and do a whole lot of nothing. And so do our kids.

Screen time. When it comes to that free time, we try really hard to not spend it all on screens, too. This is a tough one but you definitely feel it when you put in the effort. One trick that works for me is having my iPad loaded with ONLY things that bring me true inspiration. For me, that means Pinterest, Texture (the app I was just telling you about here) and Zillow so I can troll dream mountain homes in Vermont. Things I do NOT have loaded on that iPad: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, email of any kind. So I know that my time on there doesn’t lead me down a digital rabbit hole or to anything that has to do with politics. It leads to screen time that is delightful, instead of draining. And on Sundays, I try really hard to not screen at all anymore. I typically check it in the morning and then commit myself to good old fashioned paper and people distractions for the remainder of the day.

Get lost. Weekends are nothing without a little adventure but it doesn’t have to mean going far or planning an elaborate outing. Check out a new cafe for brunch. Drive 30 minutes in a new direction and see what you find. Hop on a city bus if you don’t typically take it. Or rent a car for the day if you commute by bus. Try a new dog park. You get the idea. A little spontaneity is good for the soul.

Finally, make a mental list. We took a cue from our son’s Monday morning meltdowns and now he makes a mini list of the things he hopes to do every weekend. Play soccer with a neighbor, eat a taco, watch American Ninja Warrior, whatever. I make one, too. And it often involves lay in the sun, talk to my mom, drink a Moscow Mule with spicy ginger beer. It’s usually simple things and little moments that we need the most on our weekends…and we don’t want to miss out on any of them.

Wishing you all a nice, restful weekend ahead. x

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