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2017 October 22

I have long been a “print will never die” kind of girl. Simply because I wouldn’t let it.

I gave up my Kindle ages ago to go back to buying and collecting real books. I still pick up the newspaper when I come across it because I secretly love the ink stains on my fingertips. And I was still hoarding magazine subscriptions like it was the 1990s until very recently. True story: in the 1990s, I moved from apartment to apartment with approximately 200 old issues of various fashion magazines stacked up in boxes. Each and every time.

But now it’s 2017 and I recently discovered Texture.

Initially, I downloaded the app for work. As a PR consultant, it was the easiest way for me to find and clip my clients’ mentions in a timely, digital manner. But once I started to curl up with it for personal use, it became an obvious must-have. The app gives you instant access to 200+ magazine titles for $14.99 per month (and there are intro deals and free trial periods and all that jazz if you want them) with automatic updates for new issues, digital features, and more. And it is $14.99 very well spent. One issue of Domino costs that much. I read through six different publications on it today alone.

Besides giving you access to so many print publications in one easy place, it gives you SMART access. Meaning a) you can search for topics you’re interested in (i.e. you want to see every recent feature on Spain for your upcoming trip; you want to find every turkey recipe out there for Thanksgiving; you want to avoid anything written about Donald Trump, etc) and b) it will start to suggest stories, features and columns that might interest you based on your reading patterns (for me, that’s a lot of interiors, beauty and business features). You can save things to read or reference later, share articles with your contacts and friends, and peruse US Weekly each and every week with no one judging you.

The future of print is digital, as we all know, and a lot of these publications are putting amazing creativity and technological prowess into their digital issues so they are fun – and simple – to read and navigate through. Bonus videos pop up here and there, captions appear out of thin air in certain places, and the photography is stunning in a high definition digital format.

So do I think print is dead? No. My book shelf says so. But my Texture app is definitely putting a hold on my magazine subscriptions for now.

And I am going to let it.

Because in the end, I left behind those back issues of Vogue.

And I haven’t missed them once.

*image above via the new issue of Architectural Digest. It is Julianne Moore’s NYC garden. And it’s gorgeous. In print or digital.