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Three Quick Reads

2017 August 15

For business: an interesting read on Everlane and how it’s growing in an ever-evolving consumer landscape. Via Business Insider. I am a longtime Everlane devotee and this is a sharp, interesting look at their model and how its simplicity and direct approach proves that less can be so much more in business.

For pleasure: a great read from a busy executive on maintaining work-life balance after getting a big promotion at work. What struck me the most about this one wasn’t just the focus on work/life balance but moreso on how his family made that a group priority and decision and stuck to it. I think a lot of modern-day households could benefit from getting on the same page – really on the same page – about balance and what it looks like to everyone and where and how to prioritize it. This is a great start to that conversation. Via Fast Company.

For fun: Twelve Questions via Atelier Doré. This is a dummies guide to basic skincare and beauty questions and I can almost guarantee you there are at least 2-3 in there that you’re wondering about, too.

PS – now reading this. Really liking it. And just finished reading this. Loved it. And I just finished writing this. If you want to take a peek.

Happy Tuesday! xx

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