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Trying On…Glossier

2017 August 3

At this point, I am fairly certain you don’t need an introduction to Glossier, the less-is-more skincare and beauty brand developed by girl boss extraordinaire, Emily Weiss. It’s no doubt all over your Instagram feed, perhaps a few items are already in your medicine cabinet, or maybe you’ve been staring at it in wonder, wishing you were 25 again. Because most of it looks like it’s made for 25-year-olds with seemingly perfect skin, no pores, and cool, tiny New York city apartments made for hoarding Glossier products. Well I am here as a far-from-25-year-old to share my favorite – and not so favorite – products from the collection to hopefully help you edit your Glossier wish list down to the perfect size. These are the products I have personally purchased and tried and my honest opinions about each.

What I love from Glossier:

The masks. I have used both the Moisturizing Moon Mask and the Mega Greens Detoxifying Mask over and over and over again. They used to sell them in these amazing individual pods and I miss those dearly but the regular size is just fine. I just really like these masks (and I try a LOT of masks, friends). They are thick and rich and just feel really good on your skin with no harsh after effects. I tend to favor the greens in the summer when my skin feels oily and kind of gross and the moon mask in the winter when it’s a little drier and extra thirsty.

Boy Brow. This cult favorite has its following for a reason. Boy Brow is the epitome of the Glossier mantra. Easy, natural-looking, but deceptively effective. Let me start by saying what it’s not: a brow pencil. It doesn’t fill in spots or give you that penciled-in look where you need it. Keep your pencil in rotation if you want that. But layer this on top. I use a pencil first to fill in holes and then Boy Brow to fluff and shape the brows into a more natural finished look, which I love. It does a good (not great) job of keeping everything in place without a sticky finish or residue which I also really appreciate. I have repurchased this immediately every time I run out and use it every single day.

Priming Moisturizer. I didn’t realize how much I like this product until I ran out. I do not use this as my daily moisturizer because it doesn’t feel packed with nutrients and actual skincare benefits, but I LOVE using it as a primer under my makeup for a dewy finish. It gives your skin a quick burst of hydration and helps foundation and tinted moisturizer look smoother and lighter. It has a neutral smell and a really light texture so skin feels healthy and not heavy.

Cloud Paint. I love, love, love Cloud Paint. It’s a cream blush but it is so thin and airy, you can truly control how it looks by layering it on one tiny dot at a time. The finish looks like a natural flush, not something that is painted on (despite the name) and I find myself reaching for it every time I do my makeup. It’s an instant pick me up. I bought Puff and Dusk for layering but definitely use Puff the most.

What I don’t love from Glossier:

Balm dot com. I wanted to love this because the coconut smell is amazing but the texture is not for me. It feels like a watered down Vaseline lip treatment and I prefer something more natural for my lips. Started using it on my cuticles instead and still didn’t finish my first tube.

Super Pure serum. According to their web site, 79% of users saw improvement in their blemishes after using this. I am apparently the other 21%. I SO wanted to love this because it’s marketed to my exact issues: hormonal breakouts, excess sebum, issues around the mouth and chin. But I used it religiously for two months with little to no effects. The serum is much more water-y than most serums so that in itself took some getting used to, but when the results just weren’t happening, it made it even harder to justify. I still throw it on during my breakout week in case a miracle is hiding behind month three, but for now, I can’t recommend and it has turned me off of trying the other two, Super Glow (my favorite Vitamin C serum is this one) and Super Bounce.

What I want to try from Glossier:

Wowder. This is the brand’s newest release and it promises to be a modern take on a standard powder with a lighter finish, shine-cutting power and makeup setting capabilities. I’ll be the judge of that. I need a powder to keep the above mentioned excess sebum in check but totally agree with them that most products on the market leave me feeling chalk-y white and cake-y. Hopefully this does what it promises to do. Ordered it today and will report back.

Invisible Shield sunscreen. I have become religious about sunscreen this year and am currently loving this one as my daily go-to but have heard good things about Invisible Shield. It is not water resistant, so that is worth noting, but apparently it’s effective and feels good on your skin so I am curious to try it firsthand.

Have any Glossier favorites to add to the list? Let me know!

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***image above via Glossier 

3 Responses
  1. Anne permalink
    October 13, 2017

    Thank you for this! As another far-from-25 year old Mom I love hearing your take on the products! Two questions… what IS your daily moisturizer? And. What have you thought of Wowder? Thank you!!

    • WWGD permalink*
      October 15, 2017

      Hi Anne,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment! I don’t have a daily moisturizer that I love and swear by…yet. I keep rotating them so obviously there isn’t one that has become my holy grail but I LIKE the Mario Badescu ones and the Tata Harper clarifying one and I really like the Glossier one for right before makeup. As for Wowder – I like it. I don’t know that it’s AS revolutionary as they claim, it feels similar to most powders I have tried though admittedly a little lighter. I use it and it combats shine (which was my main goal), so I am giving it a thumbs up. If you have a powder you already love, probably not worth straying for it. But if you are looking for one, it’s a good option. Hope that helps!

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