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2017 July 1

If you’ve had a chance to check out my new essay site, What Would Raluca Do (and thank you in advance if you have!), you may have read my recent post about my not-quite-mid-life crisis. It’s physical, it’s emotional and it’s most definitely hormonal (which offers me some sort of odd relief in remembering that bits and pieces of any particular phase in life is quite simply out of my control, so I should just have a margarita and laugh about it). I stopped taking birth control a few years ago to “clean out my system” after being on and off of it for so many years and the reality is that it’s left me a hormonal nightmare. Bad skin, intense menstrual cycles and so many mood swings, my husband has probably started marking HIS calendar just to keep up.

So when I came across this app that is designed to tune you into your hormones, their swings and the exact impact it can have on your mind, body and general mood on any given day of the month, it felt like a much-needed beacon of light. It’s called Hormone Horoscope and while it won’t be winning any awards for app design or tech ingenuity any time soon, it’s quickly become one of the most used little icons on my phone.

You simply sign up (I have the free one, so I can’t speak to the added benefits of the paid offering), enter the first day of your latest cycle along with some basic info, and every day you can log on to get your “hormonal horoscope” for the day. It will tell you what your hormone levels are doing that day (in general) and how that might impact your mood, your body, your stress levels and more – in detail. And then it will give you tips and tricks to navigate the day in the right direction (i.e. avoid salty foods today, don’t make plans that involve a crowd of people, go and work out because you have a ton of energy today). It’s easy to understand and not filled with medical terms or jargon and sheds a little light on my day that helps me understand why I am suddenly barking at my children every time they look at me or crying over a cookbook.

The reality is, we’re in a phase of life and motherhood and womanhood that isn’t always easy and I believe that our changing hormones play a huge role in that. So being able to understand them a little better, even if you can’t necessarily do anything about it, is really nice. It gives you a sense of sanity, it reminds you to be gentle with yourself and it helps you remember that all of us women are on this crazy journey together. And sometimes we’re just along for the ride, simply a passenger on our own little hormonal road trip. But at least this lets us light the way a little bit to set our minds at ease.

And that’s definitely worth a download.

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