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Trying On…Care/Of Vitamins

2017 June 7

I feel like I am in this strange phase of life where anything wellness-related needs to fall into two distinct categories all at once: effective…but easy. I don’t have the time to spend on elaborate rituals like I did in my 20s or hope to in my 70s. I don’t have the desire or means to invest in costly ones because I want to establish healthy practices that will (hopefully) stay with me for many decades to come and my budget is still spread across so many other needs. And I don’t have the patience to try things on just for size or trend factor anymore. I need to find things that work. Effortlessly.

I first heard of Care/Of from a friend who posted about them and was instantly intrigued. I had dabbled in a women’s multivitamin and collagen pills here and a probiotic there, but was fairly certain that something was missing in my vitamin and supplement regimen. Or lack thereof. So I hopped on their web site and took a quick health and wellness quiz and then they pulled together a personalized daily vitamin pack for me based on my results. The products are carefully sourced from around the world, manufactured with clean production practices, and then independently tested for health and safety standards here in the US. Once you finish your quiz, they recommend a mix of vitamins and supplements and you can make tweaks where you need or want to. Add something that sounds interesting, remove something that doesn’t.

You get a really cute box with 30 individual daily packs (each personalized — an extra fun touch!) that actually looks cool on your counter and makes it easy to remember to pop your pills every day. I ended up with a selection of four vitamins: The Harmonious Gut, which is a probiotic blend; The Brainiac, a bacopa supplement said to help relieve occasional stress; The Dream Weaver, a magnesium supplement to help with occasional sleeplessness; and The Coral King, a daily dose of astaxanthin that supports healthy skin. The instructions recommended I take them with my first meal of the day and this is where I had my only hiccup with the program. Trying to take them all at once left me terribly nauseous. I remember having similar issues with pre-natal vitamins. Think I am just sensitive to supplements in that way. So I started breaking up my doses throughout the day to help alleviate the side effect.

The best part? An entire one month supply of four different supplements delivered to your door for $33 (price may vary depending on your personal cocktail). And then auto-delivered again one month later so you never need to think twice about it. The even better part? If you use the code RALUCA at check out, your first month can be 50% off.

Effective, easy, affordable and made just for you. If only everything in life were the same!

*note: this post is not sponsored; I loved my experience with Care/Of and reached out to them to let them know I would be sharing it and asked for a code for you guys which they happily sent over.

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  1. Christy Currie permalink
    June 20, 2017

    Great recommendation! I’m clueless when it comes to knowing which vitamins I need to take. i just placed my first order – thanks for the rec & promo code!! CC

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