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What to buy from goop

2017 May 15

To celebrate the launch of goop’s pop-in at Nordstrom this month (more details and a list of participating stores here), I thought I would take a minute to share my personal favorites from Gwyneth Paltrow’s rapidly growing retail empire. I don’t necessarily believe that everything Gwyneth touches turns to gold (see my not-so-favorites mentioned below), but a lot of it definitely has a shiny allure that can’t be denied. Expensive, yes. But also rooted in quality, beauty and longevity, which are three things I find myself seeking out in everything I buy these days, whether it’s for me, my home or my family. Here are the things I have loved from Gwyneth’s goop:

The signature candles. These candles are beautiful to look at and display with a chic, (almost) all-black vessel and subtle, tonal branding. It is simply stunning, no matter where you perch it in your home. I had mine next to my kitchen sink for a month, just to add a little beauty to my mundane dish-washing time. Add to that an all-natural composition (most scented candles make me physically ill from their chemicals and nauseous fumes) and seasonally-inspired fragrance stories that feel subtle and specific at the same time. Easily one of my favorites for the home.

The exfoliating instant facial. This has quickly become one of my all-time favorite skincare essentials. It’s an all organic exfoliating scrub (“instant facial” and it feels like one) that works like a dream. It only takes three minutes for serious results that leave your face feeling soft, smooth and new. It can be intense so ease into it a few times per week and adjust accordingly from there. I have also heard great things about the melting facial cleanser which is next on my wish list. I wish I had better things to say about the day time moisturizer. It’s the one thing that gP actually sent to me direct to try out but I didn’t love it. It felt too heavy for my skin and just didn’t seem to do much for my hydration issues. I would highly recommend the discovery set if you’re interested in testing out the line to see what works. You can’t deny the quality of the ingredients and the simple beauty of it all but given the price point, a mini test run is definitely a good idea.

My Father’s Daughter. This is a pre-goop favorite of mine. I have bought all her cookbooks and this is the only one I turn to consistently. The other ones (here and here) are pretty and enlightening but just not conducive to my life and the way I like to cook for it. The recipes in My Father’s Daughter are fairly simple, just nutritious enough without being overbearingly clean and family favorites. It’s a nice read filled with really lovely pictures (two very important factors when it comes to cookbooks, in my opinion) and I find myself reaching for it time and again…even after five years.

Have any goop favorites I need to know about? Share in the comments!

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