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Buy Yourself Flowers

2017 May 13

Buying yourself flowers is always a good idea in my book so even though this may look like another Mother’s Day post let’s make it a “Buy Yourself Flowers” post instead. There is something really nice about buying yourself something simple and pretty, just because. Yes, it’s always lovely when someone else does it for you, of course, but I like to buy myself flowers every week as a little indulgence that goes a long way. A little “I love you” to myself, if you will. If my husband happens to pick some up for me as well…hey, even better. I’ve never seen a home that had too many flowers in it.

I came across these wreaths via Food52 ages ago and immediately loved their earthy, organic aesthetic. They are handmade by Creekside Farms, a family-owned operation in the Central Coast region, that specializes in creating natural, aromatic wreaths with care using materials such as herbs, branches, berries and more. Each one is built on a wire frame and pieced together with a meticulous eye for the natural, wild beauty of its ingredients.

You can buy them individually or Food52 offers a seasonal subscription (pictured above) which is my idea of one amazing gift. It features four unique wreaths, each inspired by the season: the Spring Branch Wreath features myrtle branches, moss, statice, and artemisia; the Fragrant Pod Wreath for Fall has eucalyptus, salal, bear grass, nigella, lotus pods and tallow berries; the Winter Citrus Wreath has a gorgeous mix of eucalyptus, lemon and orange slices, slit oranges and white statice; and the French Herb Wreath for summer (my personal favorite) is a blend of lavender, bay, marjoram, sage, oregano. Dreamy, I tell you.

Happy Mother’s Day, friends. Buy yourself something nice.

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