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Planes, Trains and Donut Cats

2017 February 25

We just got back from a week away in British Columbia with our kids.

Just because.

It was a really nice break for our little family of four. We saw old friends, took in lots of fresh Canadian air, watched snow fall like it was never going to stop, stopped for must-have donuts, bought donut cats (the only kind of cat I can get behind, to be honest…) and spent time talking, laughing and just hanging out together, which we really needed (and wanted) to do.

We’re in this sweet little season of life where travel with our kids is easy and fun. They’re old enough to go anywhere, to handle their own bag in the airport, to make their way through security without incident and to make it through long travel days with little upset. But they’re still young enough to appreciate time with us, to take our lead, to see every little thing (like the donut cats) with amazing wonder in their eyes.

My husband makes fun of me because I am always planning a trip. Always looking for a quick getaway or a big journey or a must-see experience to add to our calendar. This trip reminded me why. The chair lift rides with my girl. The pizza topped with honey. The two-hour ferry trip that took us four. The walk through Beacon Hill park where we found the “Sleeping Giant” and didn’t want to leave her side (pictured above). The deer sprinting down the street and the one grazing with her babe. The falling snow and the weak Wifi.

The donut cats.

It all reminded me why this season is so special. So perfect. And why we should continue to make it so, every chance we get. Every long weekend, every school break. And sometimes in-between, too.

Just because.


Here’s where we stayed in Victoria and in Whistler. The former was surprisingly kid-friendly. Yes, ours were the only ones there but the owner and other guests were delighted by them. 

Here are a few favorite restaurants we went to along the way: Pizzeria Prima Strada, Café Medina, Pizza Antico, Sushi Village, Lee’s DonutsPure Bread, Woods Coffee. Yes, we like pizza. And yes, those were the best donuts I’ve ever had in my life. 

Here are a few shops I loved: Hatley, Munro’s Books. The book store was incredibly beautiful and I picked up this Canadian favorite that has been on my list forever. 

Here is where you NEED to go if you find yourself in Whistler with a few hours to sneak away on your own.

And here, of course, are the donut cats. You might just need one in your life, too. 


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