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Today You Are Six

2016 December 20


Today you are six.

Today you are donuts and cold milk and extra vitamins because you need to fight off the little bug that tried to take you down on your birthday…again.

Today you are all things Pokemon, all the time. The cards, the game, the figurines, the cartoons. If it’s not Pokemon, it’s not life. This is six.

Today you are a little bit longer. A little bit leaner. Jeans that are a little too short and shoes that are a little too small. More and more big boy and less and less our baby boy.

Today you are happiness. Your smile and your energy and your aura all radiate this contagious, infectious glee that goes with you always. You can’t keep a straight face, even when you’re in trouble…a giggle always bubbling up under the surface. You see the happy in the sad, the light in the dark and the sun through the clouds. Every day.

Today you are soaking it all in. Words, numbers, facts and figures. Your brain wants to know it all and it’s processing it very quickly. You can read, you like math (especially when it’s related to your Pokemon cards) and you can’t wait for first grade to get “real homework.” We hope you still feel that way when it comes.

Today you are full of hugs and kisses and I love you’s. Anything that brings a smile to someone else’s heart. You are there to deliver.

Today you are mac and cheese but not the kind in restaurants where they top it with breadcrumbs. Yes to fruit. Maybe to some vegetables. Always yes to chocolate.

Today you are your sister’s best friend and protector. Unless she wants one of your Pokemon cards. You are starting to find your boundaries even in the relationship that brings you the most joy.

Today you laugh out loud. And it fills my heart. You cry out loud, too. But most of the time it’s justified.

Today you are 40 something pounds and still want to be carried once in a while. But only once in a while.

Today you still sleep with your beloved monkey and I hope he sticks around for a few more years.

Today you are six. You are moving on from five and working your way towards so much more. I can’t wait to watch you every step of the way.

Happy birthday, Kai. We love you so.


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  1. Karsha Chang permalink
    December 21, 2016

    OMG. These get me. EVERY. TIME. Happy Birthday to your little warrior. Reading about him made ME smile.

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