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The Good Life

2016 November 6



I’ve adopted a new habit lately that I wanted to share.

When people ask me how I am doing, feeling, whatnot on any given day, I reply with my usual (and very true) standards: busy, tired, a little crazy…but I add an important disclaimer on the end:

“But it’s a good busy. A good tired. A good crazy.”

Yes, I am more tired right now than I have been in years. I can barely keep my eyes open past 9:00pm (and yes, my 9-year-old daughter is usually still awake then), I silently curse the sun rise every morning as it peeks through the blinds into my bedroom, and I physically need to pull myself off the couch to make dinner come 6pm every night. I am busy beyond the norm. I am inching towards the end of a very hectic year at work and it feels like my personal and family life have more demands on it than ever before. Balance has been tough to come by this year and most weeks, it feels like a constant go-go-go race to the finish line. Which leads to the crazy part. My mind, time and energy are being pulled in so many different directions right now and it’s increasingly difficult to keep up. My focus feels a little more scattered and my memory is standing me up more often than it used to. Things just feel a little crazy…a lot of the time.

But it’s the good kind. And by reminding myself of that each and every day, I started to feel it. To embrace it. To know it’s true. I am beyond lucky to have work and family and deadlines and to-dos looming over me. To have good health on our side, despite the exhaustion and the (somewhat) lazy memory. To be able to do (for the most part) all the things I set out to do at work and at home and to balance everything in a sometimes precarious but always somehow successful way.

It’s the good kind of busy. Of tired. Of crazy. And now that I have stopped focusing on the “busy” and more on the “good” it’s actually feeling that way.

They say mind over matter and I know that to be true, but first you need to get your mind on track, too. And that can start with something as simple as one little word, how you choose to use it and all the meaning behind it.

So I hope you have a good day today. A busy, tiring, crazy one. But a good one.

*image above via @Happsters.


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