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A Perfect Peach Salad

2016 July 5



Some things in life just make sense. Like a perfect peach on a perfect summer evening, thrown into a perfectly casual but amazing salad.

It just makes sense.

This salad is simple. It starts with a few perfectly ripe peaches, the ones that are a little soft but not too bruised. Wash them, leave the skin on. Chop them into chunks. In go some tomatoes. Heirlooms are ideal, but cherry or grape tomatoes are just fine, too. Lots of fresh basil is good. You could try mint insteadĀ if you have it…but I bet you have basil more often. Add some thinly sliced red onions if you’re in the mood. Definitely fold in some chunks of good feta (contrary to popular opinion, I prefer the French one to the Greek). And dress it up with an easy vinaigrette. I am loving the thyme honey balsamic one from Trader Joe’s.

I haven’t been putting too much effort into our meals this summer. My meal planning ritual is being replaced by random trips to the grocery store and last-minute cravings. By early happy hours and late nights in the yard. By the wants of children instead of the needs.

And somehow, it all just makes sense. I guess that’s what summer – and a perfect peach salad – is for.

Hope yours is off to a good start. xx


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