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The Perfect Spring (Summer, Any Season…) Bruschetta

2016 April 17


I posted this image to Instagram a little while ago and I over-filtered it. I have this problem with that. I like to lighten up my images to brighten them and sometimes I go a little overboard and they end up losing theĀ saturated colors that made them amazing in the first place…for the sake of the Instagram story.

So here’s the real deal. Untouched. A little giftĀ for those of you who still read blogs.

The next gift? The how-to. This isn’t really a recipe because it’s far too simple. And evergreen. You can make this any time of year (though warm, sunny days like today are a good idea) because roasting these little tomatoes makes them extra delicious, whether or not it’s tomato season. Heck, ours were half bad — wrinkly, but not ready for the trash quite yet — and I think that made them even better.

Pile this up on some crusty garlic bread and pour a glass of white and dream of the beautiful summer days ahead…even if it’s just barely spring.

Perfect Bruschetta Garlic Toast

Wash a pint or two of grape (cherry? never knew the difference) tomatoes. You don’t even have to cut them up. Just toss them in lots of good olive oil, flaky salt, pepper and chopped shallots. Add some thyme sprigs if you have them handy. Throw in some minced garlic if you’re in the mood…though there’s more of that ahead already so you’ve been forewarned.

Roast on a sheet pan in a hot oven – say 450 degrees – for maybe 10-15 minutes. Keep an eye on them. You want them blistery and hot but not totally melted and messy. Though, if that happens, no problem. This how-to is goof proof.

Meanwhile, slice up a fresh crusty bread. Italian, Sourdough, whatever you can find. Thick slices. It doesn’t even really have to be that fresh because you’re going to grill it up. Brush it with olive oil and dust it with salt.

Grill until it’s toasty and grill marked (this is maybe the only non goof-proof part — don’t burn the bread).

Plate it and rub each piece down with a clove of garlic that is cut in half. Rub and rub and rub away.

Put a small handful of arugula on each toast and top with a big spoonful of the roasted tomato mixture, until it’s falling off the sides.

Drizzle with a little more olive oil and finish with salt.


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