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What I Am…

2016 January 5


Pinning. Black fireplaces. We’re trying to decide if we want to take the plunge with ours and embrace ebony for a little wow factor. This is what ours currently looks like.

Reading. So far, so very captivating.

Trying for the first time. Leaving my locks a little flat so far, to be honest. But will give a proper review once I finish the bottle.

Burning right now. It is so good, it really is. Spicy and sweet and rich. Especially on a dark, rainy day like today. Warms my soul right up.

Wearing. I was in search of leggings that didn’t scream gym and these were them. Can pair perfectly with booties OR trainers, depending on where the day takes you…mine doesn’t seem to take me to the gym as often as I would like.

Loving. “Rush” is the perfect neutral daytime shade in a creamy, smooth texture.

Supporting. I have met Tori here and there around town and while we’re not personal friends, her story hit a personal note with me. As I imagine it will with any young mother. If you have a minute to take a peek and make a donation of any kind, I know it will make a difference to her and her family. And to you and your outlook on life as well.

*image above via Design Sponge, photo credit Maxwell Tielman

**disclaimer: post contains affiliate links in a few spots

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