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Always Christmas

2015 December 27


Oh, Christmas.

Always so full of promise and anticipation and expectations.

And always willing to surprise.

Ours was nice, don’t get me wrong. But in many unexpected ways. The Norovirus that hit not one but THREE out of the four of us with brutal intensity (we’re just waiting on number four to get it for New Year’s…). The perfect dinner reservation that was anything but perfect. The five-year-old who cried that Santa didn’t bring him anything on his list.

Always finds ways to test you just a little.

We hunkered down, our little family of four, and we found an odd sense of quiet happiness out of the most imperfect Christmas moments. We stayed in pajamas for days on end, not even glancing at the world beyond the front door. We shared quiet times and loud laughter. We soothed aching bellies and tended to midnight coughs. We made mimosas for breakfast and introduced our kids to Home Alone. Kevin was a hit. So were the mimosas.

Always manages to bring the spirit to life…if even in little bits at a time.

And the best part? I don’t have any photos to show of it. My mom, who is traveling abroad, promptly requested photos on Christmas morning of the kids with their gifts, with the tree, with anything. And I had none. Nothing posed, nothing candid, nothing on video. Nothing posted anywhere. I had thought about it a few times throughout the morning, sure. But the thought just swept right past me while I enjoyed the moment instead. Somehow I knew it would stay with me forever, anyhow. This imperfect little Christmas of ours. This time in our lives. This messy week of memories.

Always finds a way to stay with you forever.

Hope yours was lovely as well. xx

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