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Today You Are Five

2015 December 20


Today you are five.

Five seems like a whole new world to a mother. It’s the end of toddlerhood. Bye bye to the baby years. And hello to so much more.

Today you have mastered the art of snapping your fingers. They never sit idle anymore, you are always snapping away. At the breakfast table, while you’re brushing your teeth, while you’re telling me a story about your day. Snap, snap, snap. It has become the soundtrack to your days.

Today you are learning to read. You’ve pieced together several sight words but you want to take it slowly…still clinging to those toddler years like I like to do.

Today you are a leader. Your teachers call you the “CEO of the schoolyard”, in all the very best ways. Confident, encouraging others, inclusive, bringing out the best in your friends.

Today you eat a lot of fruit, to the point that the doctor told us to cut back. You’ve warmed to a few veggies but you’re also quite content with a steady pasta and grilled cheese diet. Honey Nut O’s for breakfast every morning, and stat. You don’t wait for your breakfast.

Today you are naturally funny. Witty. You have a sparkle in your eye that lights up every room you enter.

Today you are into Ninjago and Rescue Bots and drawing. You will sit with a box of markers and a stack of fresh paper and draw the day away. You copy your sister and try to make your own comics, pausing every minute or so to ask how to spell “villain” and “rescue” and “Batmobile.”

Today you are 39 lbs. Still tall for your age, all of your jeans are just a touch too short, it seems. But you wouldn’t ever complain.

Today you are interested in Star Wars. You’ve never seen a movie, and you’re not sure you even want to, but you’re intrigued.

Today you are still very close with your sister. The mutual adoration and respect and true love that the two of you have fills us up every day. Lets us know we’re doing something very right in this whole parenting thing. We hope you keep it forever.

Today you are a homebody. Getting you to leave the house on days when you don’t have to is near impossible. You’d spend all your days in your pajamas in the comfort of your own home if you had your way. I don’t blame you. It’s a nice home to be in.

Today you have self-appointed yourself Taylor Swift’s biggest fan. You know every word to “1989” – the entire album – and though sometimes your little voice can’t keep up with your brain while you’re singing along, you do it with more passion than anyone – including any little girl – I know.

Today you are smart. And polite. And respectful. And empathetic. So empathetic. And while we tell you how much we love you each and every day – sometimes several times a day because it’s just that much – I don’t think you will ever truly understand it. You will never truly bask in the love that surrounds you from all over. You will never take for granted one thing in your incredibly amazing life. You will never take in more love than you give to others.

That’s just you.

And that’s why we love you so.

Happy birthday, Kai.

2 Responses
  1. December 20, 2015

    I had to giggle at that “snap, snap, snap”. It is just a phase, even though it may be annoying, it will end. Enjoy your precious 5 year old. Sounds like you have been guiding him in a way he will turn out to be a great grownup.

  2. Erin permalink
    December 28, 2015

    I LOVE this!! So nicely written and it is so fun to see similarities at different ages. My son will be five in early April…I am going to try to write something down to remember all of these special things based on their special personalities. Happy 5th birthday to your son! 🙂

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