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My Menu Plan

2015 February 1

MenuPlan - What Would Gwyneth Do

I went to my parents’ house for dinner last night and they had an Ina Garten cookbook – Barefoot in Paris – that I actually don’t have…gasp!

I love Ina. She makes cooking so fun and relaxed and approachable. I watch her shows for therapy and I have my daughter hooked already, too. And I will spare you the details but I had the pleasure of having a conference call with her last year and can confirm that she is as lovely and cool and warm on the phone as she is on your TV.

Anyhow, I sat on my mom’s couch, red wine in hand, flipping through that cookbook with a roaring fire in the background and it was a little slice of heaven, I tell you. A far cry from the Saturday nights of my past, but so fulfilling in a whole new way. And luckily, I brought a little piece of that inspiration home with me for the week ahead. Here’s what’s on our menu:

Sunday – SuperWhat?!? Clearly I have Canadian blood because I get invited to a lot of parties and get-togethers throughout the year, but NEVER a SuperBowl party! So this year it’s just me and my littles (again!) and the menu will likely consist of this pasta recipe I have been dying to try.

Monday – Going to pretend to be a Meatless Monday type and try this quinoa fiesta enchilada bake from Skinnytaste. Still loving  her cookbook. No Ina, but very good nonetheless.

Tuesday – I am out for meetings so my crew will celebrate Taco Tuesday, classic crunchy style with ground turkey and all the fix-ins. Kai is finally figuring out how to eat a crunchy shell taco like the rest of us…sort of. It’s beyond cute.

Wednesday – my dad’s birthday so we are going out for a lovely family dinner. If I were at home, I would make this salmon instead. I like to dedicate one night of the week to fish and for some reason it always falls on Wednesdays.

Thursday – a nod to my inspiration for the week: trying chicken with 40 cloves of garlic for the first time. Kind of ridiculously excited about it.

Friday – homemade burgers. Fridays call for easy favorites that the whole family will love.

Have a great Sunday! You won’t find me live Tweeting the game- and that’s a good thing – but I hope your favorite team wins!

*image above of my new favorite to-go breakfast: the acai bowl from Nekter Juice Bar. So good. And so Instagram-worthy.   

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