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Saturday Reads

2015 January 31


I had a door close on the work front this week.

It wasn’t the ideal time, but when is it really? That door closed and I was totally ok with it. I have learned by now, after running a successful consultancy business for more than six years, that the old adage is true…when one door closes, another one opens.

I am excited to see what’s behind the next one.

But in the meantime, it’s the weekend and ours will be slow and mellow. Just how we like them.

Here are some fun finds from the week:

An oldie but goodie. Who can ever get enough Jenna Lyons?

A hilarious piece on healthy eating. Be sure to click through and read her follow up piece, too.

I love Rita’s site for its amazing aesthetic, thoughtful curation and great interviews like this. This new swim line is definitely on my wish list for the summer and take a look at their model lookbook – it’s amazingly bold and full of beautiful, REAL women’s bodies.

I have a really hard time sometimes with how much people share on the internet. This blogger was criticized for live Tweeting while she was in early labor and I sort of agreed. Can’t anything stay sacred and private anymore? So when I first saw her post about a video on her birth story, half of me sighed but the other half of me clicked through. What I saw was beautiful and sweet and a lovely homage to her journey into motherhood. So rather than being judgmental, I am choosing to thank her for sharing instead.

Finally, another hysterical piece about labor but from a man’s perspective. And boy, did this man win bonus points in my book…so good and so true.

I hope you have a great weekend. I hope no doors close on you. But if one does, don’t worry…I promise another will open soon enough.

PS – I share finds like these throughout the week on Facebook, if you’re at all interested in following along.

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