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My Menu Plan

2015 January 18

Donut - What Would Gwyneth Do

This is one of those weeks that I find tough: a single parenting week.

My husband is traveling for business and no, I don’t think the actual parenting part is particularly difficult on my own (for short stints at a time), but cooking for one plus two littles is a much more complicated task. Preparing meals for my husband and I is far easier than preparing them for myself alone and I typically end up resorting to a lot of take-out and meals on the go when he isn’t around. But this week, I am determined to break that habit and only have one take-out night on the schedule, as always. Wish us luck!

Sunday – making the SkinnyTaste chicken parmesan tonight, because we didn’t get to it last week. Key rule of menu planning: always be willing to break the plan, if needed.

Monday – my kids love drumsticks so rather than roasting a whole chicken for just the three of us, I just grabbed some organic drumsticks instead. Am going to try this recipe for “oven friend” goodness.

Tuesday – our take-out night for the week. Tuesdays are tough with after-school activities and this mama knows when to give in.

Wednesday – my kids are going to have spinach tortellini and I am going to treat myself to this spicy lemon garlic shrimp deliciousness. I say treat because my husband doesn’t eat shrimp so I only ever get to enjoy it when we’re eating out – or he’s thousands of miles away. I’d prefer the former, but will happily embrace the latter this time.

Thursday – homemade pizza. This recipe for crust, always.

Friday – some of our favorite family friends have invited us for dinner. I love new friends that have become just like old friends who know how to have a great time, kids and all. I am bringing dessert and Little D has requested these. Who am I to argue??

Have a great week! xx

*the image above may or may not be the donuts we had this morning. We’ve realized that our neighborhood is quite the haven for mom and pop style donut shops…not a chain to be found. And we couldn’t be happier to support them all 😉


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