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Five Things I Am Not Going to Change in 2015

2015 January 5


As I officially embark on the New Year (meaning I woke up today without a champagne-soaked headache and nowhere to be), I am looking around at all the posts and pictures and images about new goals, new resolutions, new steps toward this or that…

And I am embracing the old instead.

I get it. You have a blank slate in a way now. You have a whole new year ahead of you to chase your dreams and find your happy and embrace life with optimism and hope. I talked about that already, right? But today I am more focused on all the things I don’t want to change in the new year. All the things that worked just great in 2014. The things that brought me to where I am today and that I will stick with for the new year in hopes of becoming a better me…not a new me.

Here they are:

1) Diet. Ok, the holiday diet of chocolate, cocktails and rich cheese platters is definitely not sustainable (nor should it be), but this won’t be the year I swear off carbs, sugar or anything delicious for that matter. After my experience with the 30 Clean last year, I learned that this old body of mine really does better with moderation and the occasional indulgence, rather than hardcore restrictions. So I am easing into the new year with the same mindset. And waistline.

2) Exercise. I have found a really nice relationship with my workout. I do it when I can, I don’t beat myself up when I can’t. I ease into it, aware that my body is changing and aging and what feels great on some days may not work on others. And I approach it from a mental point of view as much as a physical one. That means no promises to be in the gym five days per week or to burn XX calories per day but sticking to the good old 2014 schedule in the new year – and beyond.

3) See more, save less. 2014 was one of the best years we have had in a while and I am convinced it’s because we threw caution (and budgets) to the wind and took the trips we wanted to take, visited the places we wanted to visit, and opened up our little kids’ eyes to a world beyond the one they know so well. Not changing one thing about that approach in ’15. Seeing a little more and saving a little less is far too valuable.

4) Work/life balance. I didn’t nail it. I just didn’t. Some days I worked until midnight and answered emails while my kids ate dinner. Some days I had to leave for a meeting when my daughter wasn’t feeling well. Some days I stayed in bed all day just to give my brain and stress level a much-needed break. I didn’t balance it all seamlessly. But I kept it all going – successfully, for the most part – by juggling and trying my best and being flexible when life didn’t give me any other choice. Will I balance it all this year? Probably not. But I will just keep juggling it around – no expectation of perfect balance in mind – and I am confident it will all keep landing right where it’s meant to.

5) From the heart or not at all. I have grown to be very good at embracing this one and I want to keep it around. It kind of applies to everything in life – writing, work, parenting, friendships, relationships. If I am not thinking with my heart and my soul, my mind won’t follow. It might mean posting fewer but better things. Or committing to less. Or hoping for more. But if it’s not coming from a place that feels really good to me on the inside, it’s not happening on the outside. Just like embracing the old and watching the new walk right on by.

Happy 2015. xx

*image above of a darling new year greeting from my friend Alexandra at Type A.

5 Responses
  1. January 5, 2015

    I love this list, especially #5. And I love the concept of things you DON’T want to change. I don’t make resolutions as a rule and if I’ve learned one thing in 2014 it’s that I want more of this, simply put. xo

  2. Janice permalink
    January 5, 2015

    I LOVE this post, and of course, relate to everything on this list too!!!

  3. January 5, 2015

    You are so wise. It has been wonderful reading your words this year. Don’t mind if I tuck this ‘things not to change’ angle, it’s sublime.

  4. January 6, 2015

    Hi there – just on your point about work/life balance – what a great summary! That is exactly how it is for most who juggle and anyone who tells you it’s not is lying!! Happy new year and I applaud your honesty (as ever). I think diet and exercise come and go don’t they – ebb and flow – but what really counts is your attitude to how you approach life. Do what you want to do and yes – travel!! It works like no other thing. Lou x

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