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And So It Begins…

2014 November 29


Well, the holidays are officially here.

We had a (mostly) lovely Thanksgiving. I backed out of doing the table…I was feeling a lot of pressure with work deadlines and obligations at the kids’ schools and life in general, and I knew something had to give. I am happy that at this stage in life, I can recognize that and do something about it and not feel bad about doing something about it. My mom didn’t mind too much. That’s what’s kind of great about family.

You can say “I can’t” and they say “I will”.

There were cute little pumpkins and pre-made floral arrangements and simple votive candles and not one idea from Pinterest. And it was lovely. The food was bountiful and the kids ate nothing but bread and turkey and the fire roared and we watched Charlie Brown and I found a sense of gratitude in everything. It was probably the after-effects of Thanksgiving morning yoga, but I felt a heartfelt gratitude in every little moment, in every bit of food on my plate, in every giggle from my littles.

Until, of course, the following night when my family erupted into argument after argument at our last dinner together. The holidays can be such an intense time for families big and small, near and far. It’s like every comment, question or opinion is magnified and every hurt stings a little more and every hot topic feels especially spicy. Tempers flared and judgments sat strong and then it all evaporated into thin air as another round of drinks were served and happy smiles toasted to the season ahead. That’s what’s kind of great about family.

The wrong words can fall out of your mouth but your heart is always there to catch them. 

So this weekend we are welcoming the holiday season with all of these lessons and reminders in mind. We will pull out boxes of decorations and argue over the placement of the lights. We will find the perfect tree and dread the thought of putting it up, opting for one more glass of wine first. We will make lists, check them twice, start all over again. We will watch Charlie Brown and find gratitude in everything, embracing a mindful holiday mindset that we hope to carry into the new year. And when we are feeling the pressure, we will back out of some things to focus on others. Like laughter and play and yoga class. And that will be ok, too. Because that’s what’s kind of great about family.

When you want to walk away and give into the pressure of the holidays and the obligations and the perfect, Pinterest-worthy lights…you always have them to steer you back. Them and Charlie Brown.

Have a great weekend. xx


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