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Saturday Reads

2014 November 8


We are holed up at our favorite spot in the desert for family getaways. The sun is shining, the heat is at that perfect level of tolerable and indulgent and the smell of sunscreen is in the air. One last little family getaway before we dive into the holidays and all the joy – and stress – that comes along with it. I will be sharing tidbits over on Instagram if you want a peek – and in the meantime, here are some finds for your Saturday morning. Hope you have a great one! xx

9 Tips on How to Grow a Social Media Audience While Staying True to Yourself. This is a hot topic for me and for many of you, I am sure. Staying authentic and being comfortable with what you areĀ  – and aren’t – putting out there for the world to see can certainly impact your “numbers.” For instance, I consciously put very little about my children online and when I do, it’s highly edited. That’s a conscious choice I make. But the truth is, when I look at the people I love to follow the most, many of them are far more liberal with sharing their personal lives, kids, etc…if even only a very glossy version of it. And I love and appreciate and gravitate to that, as a follower, reader and fan. So I see both sides of the coin. For now, I am focused on authenticity and my comfort level. Numbers are what they are. Mine are higher than some and lower than others. But regardless of growth, I am in my comfort zone on social media. And that’s where I will stay for now.

Staying is Settling: Why You Need to Move Five Times in Your Life. It’s official. I am obsessed with change. As much as I consider myself highly scheduled and organized, I am constantly seeking new opportunities, new inspiration and wondering what the next chapter will be. My husband may or may not want to kill me most of the time. But this article sums it up. Unfortunately, I think it’s really intended for the young 20-something without kids and a mortgage and a business that relies on you. And that’s not me. But if it’s you – read this, bookmark it, and live it. You will be happy you did down the line.

Beauty Editors’ Picks. Always love these round ups.

How to Build Boys’ Self-Esteem. A great read for mamas of young boys. Kai’s teacher recently brought up how he is not showing as much interest and appreciation for arts as he is in the sensory play, dramatic play, etc. and this article reminded me that we need to make that a priority for him moving forward.

How Can I Get a Publisher’s Attention? For all you aspiring book writers out there. That includes me.

PS – this is what I am reading in the desert this weekend. Will report back!

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  1. November 8, 2014

    Love this post Raluca! I’ve struggled too, on what I should and should not share. But as time passes and I revisit past posts I’m always tickled by the memories I may have otherwise forgotten had it not been documented. I’ve followed my gut and I believe I’m sharing exactly what I feel I want to.
    (And my favourite blogs all have tidbits of family life too!)
    Love your blog,

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