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My Menu Plan

2014 September 28


We had some good friends over yesterday for a late lunch, an early dinner, and lots of laughs in-between. It was a great Saturday. At one point, as I was chatting with my girlfriend while turning to and fro in my kitchen, she asked if I am still cooking as much. I’m not, I said. Summer stopped me. Hot days, too many erratic schedules, not enough time…or so it always seemed. But now that we’re settling into fall, into a more consistent pattern, into cooler evenings that need extra warmth…I am planning to get back in the kitchen. Hope you do the same. It really can be such a happy, fulfilling place to be. So here’s my menu plan for this week:

Sunday – we are going to my mom’s for dinner tonight, but I will bring a little something to add to the party. I’ve been eyeing this pumpkin cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and may just turn it into cupcakes for the occasion.

Monday – grilled sausages (we LOVE the bratwurst ones from Trader Joe’s topped with their Carolina Gold BBQ sauce) with homemade sweet potato fries and an heirloom tomato salad. Clearly we are not quite ready to say goodbye to summer.

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday. Going to keep it classic with crunchy shells, ground turkey and all the fix-ins.

Wednesday – Hawaiian baked chicken (a new recipe for us) with brown rice and arugula.

Thursday – take out. We have back-to-school night and an after-school birthday party that day so we will be on-the-go.

Friday – Homemade pizza. Please tell me you are making your own homemade pizza now, right? It is impossibly easy and puts any other kind of pizza to absolute shame (except maybe a good, authentic Brooklyn slice…or a night out at Mozza…) and adds a nice personal touch to a Friday night favorite. Jennie’s is our go-to recipe. You can find it here.

Saturday – Steaks and this potato salad. I have had it pinned all summer long and now is the time to turn that pin into delicious reality.

Have a good Sunday. Get back in the kitchen. xx

*image above is a mural outside of an LA restaurant I have been working with; if you’re in or near Beverly Hills or Atwater Village, you must go. The duck shawarma is fantastic. 


3 Responses
  1. September 29, 2014

    I love your meal plan for the week! My husband and I just had the conversation this weekend that we must get back to the kitchen as well. We have gotten in the habit of ordering in or picking up most nights. It’s become a bad habit! We made a meal plan for the week and did all the shopping last night so we couldn’t back out.

    Yay for getting back to the kitchen!


  2. October 1, 2014

    I know the feeling. We’re getting back to a normal menu plan routine. At least the last few weeks we haven’t been getting take out!

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