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Saturday Reads

2014 September 13



Ah, Saturday. You have finally graced us again.

This weekend has a whole lot of nothing on the agenda, my very favorite kind of weekend. Here are a few interesting finds to kick yours off:

Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent. I wrote about our dedication to limiting screen time a while back and this piece reminded me of all the reasons why we choose to…and work hard at it. Because it’s certainly not always easy – or doable – but it’s worth it.

Why It Doesn’t Matter How You Feel About Your Friends. I have made a very conscious effort the past few years to consistently let my close friends know how much I care about them. There are really only a handful of them, after all. At times I wish some of them would do more of the same in return but I am also trying to accept that some people don’t communicate the way others do…and that’s ok. Most of the time. 😉

“Really weird advice” about following your passion. I loved this so much because I have long felt the same way about passion…it’s such an intense word and comes laden with expectation. I haven’t found my passion yet. And I am not sure when or if I will. One week it’s cooking. The next it is writing. Last week it was flowers. But I am ok with that, because searching for it can be just as fun and beneficial.

Meet The Blogger Who Dresses Like An Olsen Twin. Love her look.

And finally, my favorite new blog to bookmark: Manger. This mom of seven (!) left life in the city for the French countryside and shares an inside look – filled with gorgeous, rustic recipes and an idyllic sensibility – that feels charming and real at the same time. And if that’s not good inspiration for a Saturday, I don’t know what is.

Have a lovely weekend. xx

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  1. September 14, 2014

    Hi there, thanks so sharing these. I loved the Liz Gilbert concept; yes I have more curiosity than passion! Thank goodness someone has defined that difference. It’s so true that feeling that there is this untapped passion out there is so frustrating and disheartening.

    I was also interested to read about the Steve Jobs article. I think this is a tough one. Parents have to make really strong choices about the use of screen time and technology. The older my kids have got, the more pressure there has been to use i-pads and i-phones and every other i-device there is. You know that scene from ‘This is 40’? Where she threatens to take away every i-device? That is my life! Having a teenager and limiting screen time can lead to some seriously combustible arguments at home. I think, like everything, it is a balance (ugh – why must everything boil down to that?!). Limit it as far as you can and in a manner that works for your family and lifestyle. But it can, without anyone really knowing, become like holding back a tidal wave. It’s been the biggest single source of angst for us since the teenage years descended (and we are only one year in!). I do look back and wonder if we had changed behaviours when they were smaller whether things would have been different. And by the way we were pretty strict right from the start. Actually I think not; these habits are everywhere, permeating everything. Even if you go out for a family meal and say ‘no devices’, you can bet the family on the next table will have theirs! Interesting modern predicament, one which Steve Jobs perhaps could never have predicted! Lou x

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