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My Menu Plan

2014 August 10



I haven’t menu planned in FOREVER, friends. Blame it on laziness, blame it on summer, blame it on laziness…but I haven’t pulled together a proper week-long menu in a while now and both our lifestyle and our budget are feeling the effects.

I wish I could call this the first in a renewed series, but we’re on vacation next week and the week after that is the first week of school and then it’s Labor Day…so let’s call it a little tease for all the amazing menu plans coming this fall.

Here is a look at our week ahead:

Sunday – homemade pizza. We are still loving Jennie’s recipe and tonight we will make two: one for us and one for the kids to top on their own. Little D has been very active in the kitchen lately, making her own scrambled eggs, whipping up pancake batter on weekend mornings, tossing salads and the like. I do believe she is going to grow up to be very comfortable in the kitchen. Apple, meet tree.

Monday – I am going out for dinner with a girlfriend so my husband will likely make Trader Joe’s honey chicken with brown rice for the kids.

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday. Fish tacos. Lots of lime. Maybe a margarita or two.

Wednesday – Yogurt-marinated grilled chicken from Dinner: A Love Story. I, like the author, have always had issues with grilled chicken and how to make it memorable. She promises this recipe is it. Will report back.

Thursday – Caramelized salmon with a corn, tomato and avocado salad. I love you, summer.

Friday – Take out. This is the most I have cooked in one week all summer long, so I will be ready for a break.

Treat of the week – Ina Garten’s plum tart (pictured above). I saw some beautiful plums at the market this afternoon and I recalled that somewhere in my massive cookbook collection there was a recipe for a simple plum tart that looked great. So I bought a bunch of plums and hoped I would find the recipe when I got home. I didn’t. But I found this one online and it’s Ina’s so it’s sure to be good. And that’s good enough for me.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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  1. August 11, 2014

    I have also been too busy and enjoying summer to menu plan. As we get ready to get back to school, I will want to be getting back with that as well. I will definitely check out the grilled chicken recipe as well. Sounds amazing and I’m in love with anything that involves yogurt these days.

    Also we’ve eaten a lot of scrambled eggs recently. I’m in love with Jamie Oliver’s instructions on how to make British scrambled eggs. Put them over toast and love is in the air!

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