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Saturday Reads

2014 August 9


This weekend is going to be spent doing a whole lot of nothing. With only a few weeks of Summer left (and a lot of making up to-do), we are going to spend our weekend days enjoying it and hopefully making memories to carry us into Fall. Here are some Saturday Reads to go with your coffee this morning:

I have always been mesmerized by the Hamptons from afar and this feature in DuJour makes me want to head east more than ever.

An interview with Gwyneth guru Dr. Alejandro Junger on clean eating. I am thinking of doing another 30 Clean in September to reset before the holidays. I know, I said I would focus on a more permanent approach to healthy eating, but the “everything in moderation” thing is almost just as tough to maintain and I feel like another little jump start may be in order.

The best new nail polish shades for Fall. I just got a bright coral put on for one last Summer hoorah and it’s definitely fun but I am looking forward to my favorite navy and grey shades for the new season.

I am fascinated by Dale Partridge. I met him a few years back at a new business meeting and he was clearly a very bright young entrepreneur but I have been regularly checking out his blog since then and have found him to be even more intriguing online. Isn’t that funny? In one section of the blog, he breaks down his income and business expenses each month with full transparency and then talks through the lessons he learned that month and how they impacted his business. Worth checking out for any of you entrepreneurs out there, especially if you’re in the digital space.

I have seen a lot of female friendships come and go through my life. Sometimes it is my fault, sometimes it is the other person’s fault. Sometimes it is no one’s fault. Female friendships are complex and sometimes they just fade away. This blog (and forthcoming book) dives into¬†those complicated relationships and how and why they end and this post, in particular, was an interesting read because it explores confrontation and change and honesty and how they are all important in a female friendship.

Wishing all my girlfriends – past and present – a happy Saturday. xx

*image above from The Big Book of the Hamptons, via DuJour

3 Responses
  1. August 9, 2014

    I just read Clean Eats this past week. So good. I’ve been having some health issues this summer and Dr Junger’s way of thinking about food and how it impacts us feels more resonant than ever.
    And I love the Her Stories project. Was an honor to be in their first anthology and I am looking forward to the new one.
    Happy weekend!

  2. August 9, 2014

    Yeah, my most 30 Clean eating has been . . . not great. Moderation is oddly so much harder than being super strict. However, I do not like always being the person hyper focused on food and staying away from everything. I sort of feel lost on that front right now.

    Love HerStories! Like Lindsey, I was in the first anthology. I wrote about the “break up” with my college best friend and the years it took us to become friends again. We ended up being closer than ever, so it was a “break up” I was comfortable writing about (with her permission). There wasn’t anything I could submit to the second book that I felt comfortable writing about since those endings didn’t flip around to a happy one.

  3. Hope permalink
    August 9, 2014

    I love your blog.

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