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Modern-Day Motherhood

2014 August 3


I have been watching modern-day motherhood evolve so much lately and I find it endlessly inspiring.

It’s no longer just about ensuring your kids are bathed and clothed and eat their vegetables at every meal. It’s become so much more. The world has forced us into looking at this incredible role with a new set of eyes. Into navigating this journey without a decades-old checklist of do’s and don’ts that just isn’t relevant to us anymore.

We don’t want to know what to expect when we’re expecting…we want to discover it on our own terms.

I know mothers who are moving to foreign lands with their young broods to teach them about the world and culture and adventure. I know mothers who are moving back home to lives and futures that are a far cry from the ones they’ve spent so long building, so they can be closer to loved ones and teach their kids about family and loyalty. I see moms who are opting out of extracurricular commitments, focusing on the simple more than ever before. Moms who are making the best choices they can but also learning to forgive themselves and embrace the not-so-good ones as well. Moms who are no longer scouring parenting tomes and internet sites for regimented guidelines on how to raise their children but are instead comfortable looking within and trusting that.

Moms who are finding comfort in the unconventional.

I see moms who are more confident, more intuitive, more carefree. Moms who take on the obstacles and recognize the tough moments for what they are: just moments. Moms who see beyond their children to look at the world around them, to look out for their relationships and most importantly, to look after themselves. Moms who take pride in their parenting and their choices and who don’t seek approval. Moms who make difficult decisions based on best intentions. Who parent with their hearts and souls and learn to give their worried minds a rest once in a while. Moms who are embracing motherhood like never before.

And I think those moms are all pretty great.

Happy Sunday to all you mamas out there. xx

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  1. August 3, 2014

    Ver well said!

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