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Saturday Reads

2014 July 12


Saturdays have been hectic this summer so apologies in advance for being so sporadic with these little round ups. You’re probably too busy living life to be reading this anyways, right?? Nonetheless, here are my favorite finds of the week:

This read was especially poignant because it was shared by a friend/acquaintance of mine on Facebook. My friend is a woman very similar to you and I who recently went through a separation and just a few weeks ago found herself out of a job and a home, with two young kids to care for. She wasn’t “homeless” or penniless in the traditional sense – she has a fantastic family and support system that was there to help her out – but for a few stressful weeks, life took a quick turn for the not-so-good. The good news? It turned right back around rather quickly and the right job and the right new home appeared in the nick of time. But she shared this story to remind us all how quickly things can take that turn. And that we can’t judge those around us for any reason, because we don’t know what kind of unexpected turns they are navigating.

Up-close with the founder of Net A Porter. Because clearly she is amazing. She founded Net A Porter.

A tale of motherhood and commitment and career…that ended back where it started: with motherhood.

20 Signs You’re Succeeding in Life Even if You Don’t Feel You Are. Amen to all 20. Disregard the creepy photo they posted with the piece.

I loved their show when it was on – an interview with designer Cortney Novogratz.

Bake something extra sweet with your littles this weekend. And let them lick the spoon. Do it for Ryan.

Have a good one! xx

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  1. July 12, 2014

    Love the 20 signs article. A lot. xox

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