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Five Must-Try Summer Recipes

2014 June 18


I love using the new seasons as an excuse to step out of our ordinary little recipe box. Here are five recipes I am planning to put into heavy rotation in the warmer months ahead:

(above) Honey grilled watermelon. You can serve it in a salad like this recipe recommends, but I’ve heard it’s pretty amazing on its own, too.


Mint gimlets. I have become quite the gimlet girl (I prefer mine with vodka vs. gin) and a little mint and lime make this the perfect cocktail for cooling off after a long, hot day.


Spicy wings with rosemary balsamic glaze. I have a secret affinity for chicken wings that I rarely indulge. These baked ones topped with a rosemary balsamic sauce seem like a perfect make-at-home version of a restaurant favorite.


Two summers ago, I was obsessed with panzanella (read all about that here) and made it every week. This BBQ quinoa salad may just be this year’s panzanella.


And finally, dessert. Of course. If ever there was a season to skip the chocolate and opt for fresh fruit instead, this is it. This berry tart with lemon curd mascarpone looks sweet and bright and lovely – just like a summer day.

*you can find all my favorite recipes on pinterest here

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