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Saturday Reads

2014 June 7


I had a lot of things happen this week that easily could have been ordeals. But I did my very best to adjust my attitude and turn them into adventures. Hopefully this weekend will bring more adventures our way – we are headed to LA today where I am taking the Design Love Fest floral workshop (follow me on Instagram to see how I do!) and then we may just have to take the kids to Bottega Louie for macarons on our way to the Clare Vivier sample sale. Will let you know what I snag. In the meantime, here are some Saturday reads to keep you busy on this beautiful almost-officially-summer weekend morning:

What These Powerful Women Would Have Told Their 22-Year-Old Selves.

You remember Ryan and his tragic story, right? I have been following his mama’s feeds closely and the emotions she is putting into words lately are simply beautiful and heart-breaking and incredible. This post, in particular, stayed with me.

10 Beauty Products Every Woman Should Have by the Age of 30. I only have six of them! You?? Clearly a trip to Sephora is in order…

This random Tweet by these random people who I don’t know – or follow for that matter – struck a chord. Funny how the Internet throws things into your lap sometimes.

The New Work Order. I work from home and believe in a lot of this, but realize it’s not always easy to put into practice. Would love to hear where you guys work – if you do – and how you like the set up?!?

And finally, 10 favorite summer salads from the lovely team at Camille Styles. Now that I am officially off The 30 Clean, I am trying to be mindful while enjoying my favorite summer eats this season. These recipes are a great start.

Have a lovely weekend!

PS – saw The Fault in Our Stars last night and it was really good…kind of made me want to be a teenager in love all over again. And not many things make me want to be a teenager in love all over again…

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