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On Perspective

2014 June 3


You know what’s funny about life?

Sometimes, the stupidest little bad things happen and they make you so angry. So sad. So upset.

And then something a little bigger and badder happens, and you somehow find a strange sense of calm about it. You are still angry, but you are ok with it.

And sometimes, the worst thing that can happen happens. And suddenly, you are a rock (i.e. when my son was sick).

This week, two things have happened (please note: it’s only day two of the week) that aren’t stupid and little or the worst thing that can happen.

But they are bad enough.

And I am surprisingly ok with it.

I can’t control it, friends. You can’t control it. Many doors will close and many more will open. Many people will walk out of your life and many more will walk into it. Some days you will find perspective and peace everywhere you turn and other days, you will lose it over someone cutting you off on the freeway.

You don’t know what the universe or God or fate has in store. You don’t know how you may really affect that. Or how others may affect it for you. And you don’t know how the bad may turn into good or the good into bad…or how you will react to either.

It’s all (for the most part) out of our control. But you need to know that the small obstacles are put in your way so that you are stronger when the big obstacles hit you. That for every bump in the road, you are learning how to navigate the mountain. And that for every bad Tuesday, there may be a good Wednesday waiting just on the other side of the moon.

And I am surprisingly ok with it.

*image above via White Cellar Door

3 Responses
  1. Karsha permalink
    June 3, 2014

    Here’s to a great Wednesday, Raluca (or at least a good one). =)

  2. June 6, 2014

    Such an insightful post. I can definitely relate to feeling like the world is spiraling out of control over something that’s relatively unimportant, and yet staying strong during actually difficult situations. Life is strange like that.

  3. June 12, 2014

    Finally getting around to reading this. Yes. If only we could remember this in thoe times when it all feels like it is crashing down…and sometimes we do.

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