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Saturday Reads

2014 May 24


Let’s start the long weekend with a giggle, shall we?

Ours is going to be long and leisurely…just how I like it. A lot of free time to wander as we wish, a little BBQ to celebrate my husband’s birthday with good friends, and hopefully some warmer temperatures and sunny skies.

Here are some of the things I enjoyed this week, for your Saturday reading pleasure:

Three things I learned when my plane crashed. (this one’s a video, but it’s quick – worth the watch)

On timing and fate and waiting for the chips to fall. This topic has weighed heavily on my mind lately: have I accomplished enough, is there still enough time to live all my dreams, am I doing this right thing at the right time? I liked my friend Rachel’s perspective on it.

No-bake French silk pie. Just because I am seriously sugar-deprived. Day 20!

My blog to biz story. Giving up a stable “day job” to go after your creative passion is a big step for anyone. Meg shares how she did it – and did it well.

Another piece on a topic similar to Rachel’s and to another one by Zosia Mamet in Glamour this month on modern-day womanhood and the pressures that are put on us (internally and externally) to dream big, bigger, biggest in all areas of our lives. We don’t want to have a good job, we want to be CEO. We don’t want a blog, we want an empire. We don’t want happy kids, we want an idyllic existence. I am so beyond guilty of this and am especially focused on it now for some reason; Garance’s take helped me to chill a little. At least for a few days.

And finally, a handy tip for this long weekend whether you’re at the beach or the park. How to easily remove sand from your little ones. This one will definitely come in handy around these Southern California parts.

Hope the weekend brings you sunshine, joy and lots of pie!

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  1. May 25, 2014

    Thanks for these! I really enjoyed the “perfect timing” post and now I have a new blog to read up on! Have a wonderful Sunday. 🙂

    The Rambling Fangirl

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