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The goop Cookbook Club

2014 May 23


The team at goop has launched a Cookbook Club where they choose a different culinary classic (or soon-to-be classic) on a regular basis and cook from it as a group, potluck-style.

I love this idea and actually wanted to do something similar a while back, but most of my friends thought I was mad.

Maybe I need new friends… 😉

Cookbooks have become a real problem around here. I buy them one after the other, sometimes barely cracking a spine on one before a new one arrives on the doorstep. I love to hold them, flip through them slowly, go back and flag the recipes I want to try. I love to see them lined up on the kitchen counter – inspiration from all over the world, from different types of chefs and home cooks, using a bounty of different ingredients and techniques.

They feed me. Literally and metaphorically.

Gwyneth and crew’s first selection is Roberta’s Cookbook, from the famed Brooklyn-based restaurant.

And from the looks of this beautiful dinner they pulled together, it will probably be hitting my doorstep any day now…

*image above via goop

2 Responses
  1. May 23, 2014

    i saw that and thought it was such a rad idea too!

    and ditto about cookbooks — never enough!


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