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Best Swim Suits of the Season

2014 April 17


Here’s the simple secret to painless bathing suit shopping: find a fit that really works for your body.

Don’t worry about the size on the label or the style you thought you wanted or how it looks on the model. Try, try and try again until you find something that works on your body.

I figured out last year that a one-piece bandeau (particularly those from J. Crew) work really well on me. They are flattering and fit well and I love the strapless look and lack of tan lines but also appreciate having the optional straps that I can pull on when I need added support for chasing my littles around the deep-end.

I also found out – shockingly! – that as much as I loved the safety of a solid black suit, I could pull off some pretty patterns and prints just as well and they were way more fun for frolicking in the sun.

I love brands that offer hassle-free swim suit returns online (again, see J. Crew’s free shipping and free returns on all swim) so you can try them out in the privacy of your own home, but department store dressing rooms can be great for their variety and professional counsel as well so don’t be afraid to go in there with a pile of options and wade through them all.

Wherever you choose to shop for swim, take your time, test out the waters in different styles and sizes, and find the one that not only fits and flatters, but makes you feel your best.

Here are my favorite swim suits for the 2o14 season:

(above, from left)

J. Crew geometric tiki bandeau – this is the suit I just bought myself for the new season. It’s my classic fit with a trendy tiki pattern that I love.

Splendid Malibu stripe one-piece – a fun twist on the sailor stripe with a cute pop of yellow and a fun cut-out detail on the back.

J. Crew tropical floral bandeau – bright and sunny but sadly sold out for now, so keep an eye out for a restock!


(from left)

Tory Burch Margherita one-piece – a more subtle play on the pattern trend in a pretty navy paisley.

Vitamin A Natalie striped maillot – bold stripes that are anything but basic.

Mara Hoffman lattice back one-piece – looks simple and straight-forward in the front but with a stylish and sexy back detail (tan lines, beware!) that is anything but.

2 Responses
  1. April 17, 2014

    Great advice for trying out swimsuits. I personally hate trying them on in the dressing room–I always feel like the lighting is so unflattering (you would think they would get on that!) Today is the last day but you can pick up the Tory Burch, the Mara Hoffman, and the Splendid swimsuits for 25% off and it is free shipping and returns at Shopbop. I love the Splendid suit and how high the waist is–I feel like it would be really flattering.

  2. April 17, 2014

    But the Tory Burch one has been haunting me all season! Thanks for sharing. Sorry for the double comment–I accidentally pressed enter!

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