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My Favorite Blogs – Paris in Four Months

2014 April 10


Did you hear about how France has made it illegal to answer work-related emails after 6pm?? Well, sort of. Here’s the thing: most cynical Americans probably want to laugh it off and assume it’s just a PR ploy, but the French (and many of their fellow Europeans) really do have a simple love for life that doesn’t translate on this side of the Atlantic.

It’s called joie de vivre and it truly exists. I have seen it firsthand.

They believe in appreciating life and all its various facets, celebrating the every day, less work and more play, and working to live versus living to work. It’s not just a PR ploy. It’s a way of life there. And in many other places around the world. So it’s no wonder that I am enamored with all things French. It helps that I speak the language from growing up in Montreal, but beyond that I love the culture, the food, the architecture, the fashion…and of course, the macarons. I spend a lot of time thinking back on my time there and how and when I can go back to soak it all up all over again.

And when that mood strikes me, I often get lost in Paris in Four Months. The blog was started by Carin Olsson, a photographer from Stockholm who moved to the city in 2012 for what was supposed to be a four month stay…and decided to never leave. She chronicles her daily life through beautiful original photography, showing the city in all its photogenic glory, and making you feel like you are walking its streets and marveling at its every corner from wherever you may be. It captures a side of Paris that is charming and quintessential and endlessly inspiring, without feeling out of touch. It gives you a great look at what life in the city is like for a young woman, a foreigner, with an appetite for beauty and culture and creativity. And it’s written in English, so you don’t even need to translate.

If the email regulations don’t inspire you to move there tout de suite, you should absolutely consider paying a visit via Carin’s lovely work.

Merci for sharing your beautiful corner of the world, Carin.

You can read about some of my other favorite blogs here. And you officially have my permission to stop answering work emails after 6. 😉

*image above via Paris in Four Months

3 Responses
  1. April 11, 2014

    I think I know what you mean! After my first year of law school, I went a bit rogue and worked a summer in Vienna, Austria. Our staff was international–Austrians, French, Belgians, and Germans mostly. I was the only American and my god was I a pain for the first month! They didn’t seem to understand why I just couldn’t relax and enjoy an 80 minute lunch outside, with a glass of wine, or why I was so attached to these “deadlines.”

    Keep in mind, my co-workers were passionate and dedicated, they just sweated work culture less. They did not cultivate an atmosphere of overwrought urgency and “business” but everything still managed to get done. It was a big learning experience, and I still struggle to just relax and get my work done without turning things into some kind of race.

    I’m excited to check out this blog. Thanks for the post!

  2. April 11, 2014

    love this! We will be back in Paris in September and I can’t wait.

    • WWGD permalink*
      April 11, 2014

      So. Jealous.

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