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Saturday Reads

2014 April 5


The shuttering of Daily Candy was really sad to me. Not that I was always a loyal reader (particularly in recent years as I aged…), but I truly felt they pioneered a whole industry of e-newsletters and quick-bite lifestyle content and it seems unfair to me that they are the ones who ended up closing down while so many (lame) impostors march on. I had the pleasure of working with several of their editors through the years and they were always a cool, creative, courageous group. This heartfelt piece by one of the original founders sums up the sweet effect they had on the modern-day media landscape perfectly.

This video made me smile and cry at the same time.

7 Tips for Better Brows. I am telling you ladies – get your brows done properly. It’s worth it.

The Six Major Anxieties of Social Media. Pinterest stress. Do you feel it? I don’t. I love Pinterest as a creative channel and happily use it for inspiration and eye candy…if I get a great idea from it, great. But my goal there is not to become Martha Stewart. My goal is not to become Martha Stewart anywhere. But I can see how others might find it a little intimidating…do you suffer from Pinterest stress?

How to Lose The Last Five Pounds. I feel like I have been struggling with 5-7 pounds of unwanted weight ever since I had Kai – ahem – three years ago. I appreciated this article because it suggests ideas that are actually health-conscious and realistic…and it actually came from a high-fashion magazine. How progressive of them. Now if only I could put their tips into practice.

This was probably the best thing I read all week. It’s particularly timely for me because I am turning 36 in a few weeks and this advice was compiled from readers 37 and older. There is so much to think about here – from finances to health to boundaries and dreams. I have written about a lot of these things before but sometimes hearing it from other people makes it even more pertinent and impactful. I love that this piece was a compilation of thoughts from hundreds of people…and it turns out, most of them were thinking the exact same things all along.

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. April 5, 2014

    That article about losing the last 5 pounds was exactly what I needed today! I’ve been having issues with 10 pounds that don’t want to budge. Thanks!

    • WWGD permalink*
      April 8, 2014

      Happy it helped! I really thought it was surprisingly level-headed. And I’ve incorporated a probiotic into my diet just recently and it’s already working wonders! My kids have been taking them for a while now…just forgot to take care of myself. Can you imagine?! 😉

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