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Not My Menu Plan

2014 March 16


I am not going to share my menu plan this week, friends. It happened, but it is filled with all the usuals that you’ve come to expect here: salmon, a roasted chicken, homemade burgers, etc. Some weeks you just have to lean on the usual and take comfort in knowing that’s perfectly good enough. But it didn’t warrant a blog post. So instead I decided to share some of the dishes I want to add to my menu plan in the coming weeks – hopefully it will give me a kick in the creative ass next week:

(above) Zucchini noodles with basil and balsamic marinated tomatoes. I am so into the idea of making zucchini noodles lately but I don’t want to invest in the right tools. Always happy to invest in another bottle of nail polish, of course…but zucchini??! Not yet.

This turkey meatball and vegetable soup with pesto via Victoria at V Mac and Cheese looks so light and hearty at the same time.

I had a really great quinoa salad in a restaurant recently and this Mediterranean take on it has me inspired to make my own at home.

Garlicky green beans and mini herbed potatoes both offer a new twist on some of our favorite side dishes.

My husband doesn’t eat shrimp, but this recipe has definitely been Pinned for a night when he is away or out for the night. I also love to watch chick flicks when he is out (last night he went skateboarding and I dug into “Julie & Julia” alone in bed with a face mask on and a candle burning and the kids sleeping quietly and it was perfect bliss. Bliss, I tell ya.) It’s always better when he’s around but when he’s not…there will be garlicky baked shrimp!

*image above via A House in the Hills

Have a great Sunday.

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