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My Menu Plan

2014 February 16


The days ahead look to be pretty lovely – I have a girls’ night out scheduled with a friend, we are hosting a dinner for Little D’s former preschool teacher who then became Kai’s former nanny who is now just one of our favorite people (and her husband!) to catch up, and Little D is going to be in the spelling bee at school on Wednesday. Which spells C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-I-O-N in my book, whether she wins or loses.

Here’s what’s on our menu for the week:

Sunday – pork chops. Probably these ones via Dinner: A Love Story. They are just too good and so easy. Paired with some roasted butternut squash and onion.

Monday – chicken fajitas. I bought this ridiculously huge pack of chicken breasts at Costco (which is why I rarely buy anything at Costco besides wine and beer) and it’s time to clear them out of the freezer.

Tuesday – GNO for me, Taco Tuesday for the rest of the crew.

Wednesday – the night of the bee. I think we will treat our girl to a celebratory pizza that evening.

Thursday – our little dinner party. I am planning on making this spinach artichoke pasta dish from the Pioneer Woman, but will swap in whole-wheat penne. Is that a terrible idea? Probably. But will serve my favorite chocolate chip cookies for dessert to make up for it. I have a bunch of them, pre-scooped, in the freezer so we can have warm, homemade cookies whenever we need them. Because a house without warm, homemade cookies at the ready just isn’t a home in my book…

Friday – I want to say I am going to make salmon. But we will probably make burgers and sweet potato fries instead. I just can’t do healthy and smart on a Friday night, it feels all wrong. Salmon will wait for next week instead.

Have a good week!

*image above via Pioneer Woman

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