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My Menu Plan

2014 January 12


I love a red carpet Sunday, don’t you?? Today is going to involve some family time, a long walk, a pit stop at the Farmer’s Market and then the couch, pizza and the Golden Globes. But first, a little menu planning. Here’s a look at our week:

Sunday – homemade pizza, we use the crust recipe from Homemade with Love. It makes enough for two pizzas so we freeze one so we always have an extra ready to go. We love pizza. I mean, I love pizza. So my family wins by default.

Monday – I am going out with some girlfriends for dinner, so the rest of the crew will probably have Trader Joe’s frozen orange chicken over brown rice and green beans.

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday. Going to keep it classic this week with crunchy shells, ground turkey and the usual.

Wednesday – Tarragon dijon chicken kebabs (I add bell peppers as well) with brown rice. These are so good and SO easy to make. Dijon is quickly becoming my favorite secret weapon.

Thursday – Caramelized salmon with garlic broccolini. By now we are sick of brown rice, so will need to come up with another suitable side…open to suggestions!

Friday – homemade burgers. We use organic ground beef (it tastes SO much better than non, it’s worth the investment) and top them with pepper jack, usually on a brioche bun. May have to whip up a side of these for good measure.

Treat of the week – our treat of the week is also from Homemade with Love: homemade granola bars. It will be my first attempt, so will be sure to let you know how they turn out.

Happy Sunday! If you like witty red carpet commentary, be sure to look for me on Twitter later this afternoon 😉

*image above via here.

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