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2014 January 8


Since I last caught you up on my “now reading” list, I am beyond thrilled to say I have been doing a lot more of it. I have become a certifiable book worm all over again, just like when I was 12. Enter my new Kindle Paperwhite under the Christmas tree and it feels like I may never flip on the television again.

I read Sister Mother Husband Dog: Etc.. It was good. It wasn’t Nora Ephron good, but it was Delia Ephron good, which is pretty good. And maybe Delia Ephron has no interest in being her sister Nora and so maybe, in that case, it was great. I wouldn’t rush out to buy it, but if it falls into your lap some day, it’s worth a read.

Then I moved onto We Are Water. Wally Lamb, Oh, Wally Lamb. I have loved him since I read She’s Come Undone back in college. I loved him for I Know This Much Is True ten years later. And now I love him again for We Are Water. It’s the story of a typical suburban Connecticut family whose life gets turned upside down when the mother leaves the father (after decades of marriage) for her female lover in New York City. But that relationship is really only a fraction of the story. It unfolds to reveal family tragedy, mystery, art history, personal secrets and a very unsettling yet somehow familiar look at family dynamics that we can all probably relate to on some level. As usual, Lamb’s writing is effective without being complicated, paints a vivid picture in our minds from the very first page…and manages to keep us right there with him throughout the entire story. The ending is good. It doesn’t conclude everything the way you may want (or expect) it to, but reading the story as a whole is the true pleasure here, so it almost doesn’t matter.

Highly recommend.

Now I am onto This Beautiful Life. I picked this up as a pleasant surprise on the “staff picks” shelf when I took the kids to the library the other night (the first book I have actually checked out of that place for myself!) and if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I wasn’t hooked from page one with this one (which made me so sad after finishing We Are Water). But I am happy to say that about 75 pages in, it got me. Will be sure to let you know how the next 181 turn out.

As always, would love to see any recommendations you may have in the comments – thanks in advance for sharing!

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  1. Brynn permalink
    January 8, 2014

    Per your reco, recently finished Wild and loved it. I actually just bought We Are Water and am about 20% in!

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