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A Field Trip

2014 January 7


Sunday’s field trip was more like an outing, but it was rejuvenating nonetheless.

We were ready to spend the last day before the official kick off of 2014 cleaning the house, taking down the tree and trying to resume a sense of normalcy around these parts. But then some friends of ours invited us on an early morning hike to a new part of town we had never seen.

So normalcy took a back seat.

We ended up hiking for more than two hours (well, there were five kids involved so we hiked a few feet, stopped, collected sticks, kept hiking, stopped, snacked, stopped, etc..for more than two hours) through a beautiful canyon that led to a quiet little lake with no sign of the surrounding suburbs to be found. We took in our environment in awe – there are mountain lions in these hills?!? – and marveled at how lucky we are to live in a land filled with sunshine and warmth in January. We said hello to strangers as they crossed our path. We panted a little on the uphill inclines and vowed to work more cardio into our lives. I only took my phone out once, to capture one photo (above). And the rest of the time, it stayed quietly tucked away in my husband’s pocket. We let the kids wander and explore and touch and smell and trip over stones and run ahead. And they ran. Even up those inclines.

It wasn’t an entire day of exploration like most of our field trips have been, but it was just enough to set the tone for the day. For the week. For the year?

The tone was all about health, happiness, nature, family and friends.

And the tree never did come down.

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  1. liz permalink
    January 7, 2014

    Leave it up. You love Christmas!

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