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I Don’t Know How She Does It – Rebecca Campora

2013 December 3


I am one of those mamas who has a very hard time with most mainstream baby brands. I appreciate functionality, of course, but a little style with my substance is always an important factor for me and in that industry, it is often (sadly) overlooked. Enter Rebecca Campora, the uber chic French designer behind one of my favorite baby accessories brands, 7 A.M. Enfant. Campora set out to create a simple, contemporary collection of essentials that was well-designed, beautifully made and functional for busy moms and babies on the go. And she had lots of firsthand experience to draw from. Her award-winning designs adorn bouncing little babies (and their strollers) around the world but it’s at home in New York where she really shines as mom to her beautiful family of five. Here, my friends, is how she does it:

What time does your day start and how?

I am a very early bird; my day can start as early as 4AM but never later than 6AM. I really enjoy mornings, it is quiet as my entire loving little world is fast asleep. It seems that days don’t entirely belong to me, as they go fast and many contingent parameters often stop me from embracing the time and reflecting on what I do – I start with an espresso.

What time does your day end and how?

On average 11PM. I prepare for my following day by taking notes, reading, browsing the web and listening to music (my second caffeine).

Do you work from home or in an office? What is the set up like?

I work from both; since I wake up early, 40% of my work gets done before the regular day has even started. Comfortably in my sweet environment I will work while I prepare the children’s breakfast, lunch and assist them to get ready before taking my son to school.

Do you see/speak to your kids throughout your work day? If yes, how/when?

Of course. My daughters, who are in college and high school, contact me frequently for candid reasons or important matters to discuss, solve or organize. My little boy needs a lot of attention, thus I won’t neglect anything that will be important during his childhood. As soon as he is out of school, he calls me or comes to the office to join us after he finishes his activities.

What is the best thing about being a working mom? Hardest thing?

Nothing is ever easy when you are meticulous and like a challenge. I would say that being a mother gives me strength and motivation. It allows my tenacity to persist, my inspiration to exist and makes my days as joyful as can be.

The hardest is undoubtedly making sure that the family life remains warm and as natural as when I grew up.

Be honest, what is one thing you envy about stay at home moms?

I am thankful for what I have and wouldn’t change a thing.  But being more available for others would be the thing that I envy the most.  Also, I’d love to cook more often for my children and husband who travels a lot and prefers homemade dinners when he is in New York.

Answer the question “I don’t know how you do it?” in ten words or less.

Taking time without wasting time is my secret… (editor’s note: how much do you love that???)

And here are some of Rebecca’s favorite things…


Clockwise from top left:

For her son: I dig denim from Sweden

Editor’s pick: a favorite from 7 A.M. Enfant

Babe & Tess from Italy

For mama: Isabel Marant coat

Breville juicer

Her FIAT Cinquecento

Moleskine notebooks and sketchbooks

Stella McCartney trainers

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