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Thanksgiving Inspiration

2013 November 24


I spent yesterday picking up some new things for the Thanksgiving table. I told myself I had a very tight budget for holiday decor this year but suddenly the black/gold glam color scheme I have used the past few years felt all wrong. I wanted something more natural and earth-toned but still chic, and I think I found it. I will be sure to share pictures on the day of, but in the meantime, here are some little bits of inspiration for your week ahead.

(Above) I love the idea of using a fresh herb like rosemary on the table.


Mini white pumpkins might be my very favorite seasonal design element (here they are at use in our home a few weeks ago) and are definitely going to play a role at our table…assuming I can still find them. Beware, they do yellow with time so best to get them fresh.


How stunning is this menu? We host a relatively small Thanksgiving (just the four of us and my parents) so formal menus and place cards aren’t necessary…but they sure are lovely.


Simple and chic but organic and rustic at the same time. Not always an easy balance to strike.


I love this concept. Going around the table to share your thanks can get awkward and impersonal…and everyone says “family and food.” Allowing people to share their thoughts in writing may allow for a little more freedom and creativity.


Love the use of the deep plum color in this table setting. Unexpectedly a perfect fit.


And this may be my favorite of them all. A little glam, a little glitter, but a whole lot of love. The message really says it all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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