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My Menu Plan

2013 October 20


It’s Sunday evening, Van Morrison is on the radio, the kids are playing amongst themselves while I am preparing my very first batch of homemade mac and cheese for them. I am following this recipe. Just waiting for the clock to strike happy hour.

Here’s a look at our menu plan for the week:

Sunday – Chicken milanese with arugula and fresh parmesan

Monday – one-pot pasta; giving this another go with gluten-filled pasta because my attempt with the brown rice one did not turn out. Also trying to do “Meatless Monday”…again.

Tuesday – I have to go to Los Angeles for a work event and my man is going to join me for the evening; we’re hoping to sneak in a little quiet dinner and I am still dreaming about the lunch I had here with my parents last week so we might do that. Or go to another favorite that we always miss here in the suburbs.

Wednesday Рbroiled salmon with grilled pineapple, brown rice and saut̩ed broccolini with garlic

Thursday – steaks with grilled mini peppers and roasted potatoes

Friday – since we’re missing our beloved Taco Tuesday, we’re going to do Fajita Friday instead.

And since I always find myself baking up at least one sweet treat for my little crew every week, I thought I would start sharing that with my menu plan as well…for those of you with a sweet tooth like mine. I bought a 20 lb (give or take) bag of chocolate chips at Costco today and there is a pile of brown bananas on my counter so I am thinking it’s time to try these banana chocolate doughnuts that I pinned ages ago. Now I just need to add a doughnut pan to my arsenal…dangerous.

Have a great week.

*image above of the essentials I put into my favorite summer salad via my Instagram

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