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Happy Weekend

2013 October 4


It’s officially (almost) the weekend and ours is going to be a good one.

When we were in Montreal a few weeks back a gang of our good friends there mentioned they were running away to Vegas this weekend, sans kids, for a little R&R.

And that we should join.

So while we are kind of short on cash, time and energy these days…we’re off to Vegas!

The idea of spending 48 hours with my husband and some great friends having good, old fashioned Vegas-style fun (you know what I mean) sounds like a perfect prescription for us right now. The toll of a not-so-great year coupled with the looming stress of the holiday season ahead makes it an ideal time to get away from it all and get lost in the desert and all its frivolous, free-spirited insanity.

Sometimes in life you can’t let money or deadlines or obligations stand in your way…you have to jump on opportunities that fall into your lap, put aside your stresses, and just hop in the car with your husband, roll down the windows, turn up the music and drive.

So to Vegas we will go.

Have a great weekend!

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